火花锦标赛( Spark Game Champions )是自2019年起机核与华奥电竞合作举办的主机电竞赛事,2020年将有贯穿全年度的线上、线下硬核常规比赛,我们将用更加硬核的赛制和规则来考验大家;但同时还有能够让各位玩家一同参与的各种主题娱乐赛事。现第四赛季正在举行中,期待大家的加入~

Spark Game Champions is the main esports competition that GAMECORE held in cooperation with Hua Ao (CGA) since 2019. In 2020, there will be regular online and offline hardcore competitions throughout the year, we will test everyone with more hardcore competition system and rules, but also a variety of themed entertainment events for players to participate. Now that the 4th season is underway, we want you to join us.